Beachcombers are always on the lookout for something valuable, but sometimes they’ll settle for something rare and intriguing. Ruth and Lee Huenniger weren’t even hunting but were outside inspecting damage to their home after a storm when they found something washed ashore. There, just feet from their home, the Key Largo couple found an old bottle.

When they removed the bottle from deep within the sand and inspected its contents, they found a message inside — just like something out of an old adventure novel. When they opened the note (perfectly preserved in plastic), they discovered that it had been written by a group of school kids located on the eastern coast of Scotland, 4,000 miles away!

“We are learning all about pirates,” the note read. “We would like to see how far this message goes. Please write and tell us where you found the bottle.” Completely enchanted by the note, Ruth and Lee wrote back to the school at the address that was provided, but when they received a reply from the (now-retired) teacher, they were astounded….the teacher had given her class the assignment 30 years ago! The children who wrote that were now in their late 30s.

The couple has since heard from several of the students, all of whom have been shocked that their bottle made it such a long distance. One woman even informed them that five notes had originally been written, but only one other bottle was found in the Faroe Islands, and that had been within a few weeks after the bottles were tossed.

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