Sandy and Jim Zahn were only in their mid-20s when they decided to tie the knot, a momentous occasion that was also on the same day Jim received his draft notice. Nonetheless, the two were married and spent their wedding night in Seattle’s Fairmont Olympic Hotel. The two are still going quite strongly 50 years later, but when they were approaching their 50th wedding anniversary and discovered that the Fairmont was offering them the same room they stayed in at the exact same rate they paid back then, they couldn’t have thought of a better golden anniversary.

The hotel’s unique policy allows guests who previously shared a special occasion in the hotel to return for the same original price….given they still have the original receipt. After a little bit of digging, the happy couple was able to find their receipt and share another blissful night in the hotel for just $28.13!

So Jim and Sandy put on their finest anniversary clothes and dined in the lavish Georgian room with their children and grandchildren. “It’s really, really neat that the hotel would even consider honoring their guests this way,” Jim said. “I don’t think so much about being married for 50 years. It’s just a standard thing. But nowadays if a marriage lasts that long, you’re doing really well. It’s interesting that, wow, it is kind of a big deal. It’s quite romantic.”

Their eldest daughter Cheryl chimed in with her joy at how their family has managed to stay intact over the years. “You can’t take all your stuff with you in life, but you can leave a legacy for your family — what it means to show love and self-sacrifice.”

When asked about their secret formula for a lasting marriage, Sandy responded with one word: “Communicate.”

“Divorce wasn’t in the vocabulary back then. Love each other and communicate.”

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