Earlier this year, it was announced that the Seattle Space Needle would be getting a $100 million renovation. Up until now, there wasn’t any news on the changes that were taking place, but artist renderings were just revealed by the architect company, Olson Kundig.

The renovation will focus heavily on the interior of the structure, while the exterior will stay relatively the same.

In addition to changes within the technology of the building, its design is getting a massive upgrade. When it’s finished, you will able to enjoy a meal 500 feet above the city’s skyline in a unique dining experience. If you have a fear of heights though, perhaps one of Seattle’s many restaurants located on the ground might be a more suitable option.

For the more adventurous visitor, the outdoor viewing platform is completed with glass benches that extend all the way to the edge of the glass wall. This is the perfect spot to snap a quick selfie for Instagram, or take in the whole view with a panoramic shot. Either way, the view is sure to impress.

So, if the Seattle Space Needle wasn’t on your vacation itinerary before, it definitely will deserve a place there once the renovations are complete.

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