Within the walls of Disney World you can find all sorts of delectable and uniquely-Disney treats from their iconic Dole Whip soft serve to their various mouse-shaped cookies and ice cream bars. Sometimes, though, a chilled Frappuccino or a refreshing iced coffee can be the perfect remedy to a steaming day in the park, and where better to treat yourself than Starbucks?

Each of the four Disney World parks has their very own Starbucks locations, while Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) has two locations. Some very obviously display the green mermaid logo, while some locations are a little more subdued and blend in well with the surrounding aesthetic.

Magic Kingdom

As you stroll down the park’s iconic Main Street U.S.A., you’ll pass right by the bakery. If you stop and look up, though, you can clearly see a bronzed Starbucks logo — only this logo is actually the company’s original insignia which has a more “classic” or “vintage” look that perfectly fits Main Street’s aesthetic.

Inside, however, it turns into a regular-looking store. To handle the large crowds, a true Disney-style queue line is in place.

They Offer All the Regular Starbucks Food Options….

….But Disney-fied

This Starbucks offers some Disney-exclusive treats like oversized cookies, Mickey Mouse cupcakes, and some pirate cake pops.

The straw and napkin stand is just as in any other Starbucks location, though this one offers forks and knives for those who don’t want to touch their food with germ-ridden hands.

Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom theme park is Disney’s most nature-promoting park of them all, and it only makes sense that the coffee shop would blend into those earthy, natural elements. This time, though, you can actually find the modern logo and name displayed, though you have to look to find it.

Located in Discovery Island — the park’s central hub — the interior mimics the cultural and artistic design of Africa and Asia.

The Menu Is Pretty Much the Same

But They Offer Some Unique Options

In honor of the park’s newest land, Pandora: The World of Avatar, this Starbucks offers a specialty cupcake shaped like the world’s unique fauna.

Most Starbucks make you ask for water, but this location knows that walking around Disney’s largest park in the Florida summer heat can leave you dehydrated, so they offer self-serve water stations.

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