Attention, all ‘80s and ‘90s kids: get ready for all of your childhood dreams to become fulfilled! Anyone who has raced around the Mario speedway through their controller have likely always dreamed of the chance to do so in real life. With Universal Studios announcing recently a Mario-themed land opening in their parks within the next couple of years, many Mario Bros. fans likely jumped higher in the air than Mario reaching for a gold coin — but the news doesn’t end there.

Now it’s been revealed that a speedway is going to be built in Niagara Falls, one that — while not officially Mario-themed — will still greatly resemble the classic video game race track.

It’s being dubbed the “Niagara Speedway,” and it’ll be a multi-tiered track in which drivers will make their way up a 40-foot spiral before descending in a wave-like motion, making a sharp turn onto a track in the style of formula racing. At about one-third of a mile, it’ll be not only the largest of its kind in Canada, but the largest in all of North America.

The track will be constructed in the Clifton Hill entertainment strip, with a host of other attractions accompanying it. Despite the fact that it has no affiliation with the popular Nintendo brand, fans of the games will likely still want to travel here to feel the closest to racing alongside Bowser and Luigi as they probably ever will.

The track is part of an ongoing endeavor to attract more tourism to the area with recreational-based entertainment. A Comfort Inn once stood where the track is, but HOCO Entertainment and Resorts (the company building it) is more sure that this race track will be far more appealing to tourists than a simple hotel.

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