Everyone wants to be a mermaid. After all, they are considered the underwater unicorn. A hotel in Coronado, California is now offering fitness classes where you can flap your sequined fin and glide through the water gracefully, while burning some calories.

Not far from the San Diego Zoo, Hotel del Coronado presents 45-minute mermaid workouts every Friday and Saturday morning at 8 a.m. at the Beach Village pool. The aerobic class is instructor-led and focuses on swimming with a concentration on core, cardio, and strength training. To add to the experience, fun, upbeat music plays in the background for the duration of the class.

The class price is $25 per person, and includes the use of a Del mermaid tail, self-parking and towel service. The price is $15 for local residents with photo identification, and $10 for Club at The Del and Del Resort Members. The tails can be purchased from The Del’s Online Store, at a whopping $125 a pop, but if you buy a tail, your first class is free and all classes thereafter are only $10.

Before the classes started, the tails were already for sale at the shop. After seeing how popular the stretchable nylon fins were, instructor Veronica Rohan came up with the idea of a mermaid workout class.

All participants are required to wear a bathing suit under their tail. Men are welcome to join, though no men have signed up as of now. You have to be pretty secure, I guess.

Getting into the tail is actually no problem; just step into it, strap your feet in, then roll the tail up your body. It’s easiest to get into while sitting on the edge of the pool. Don’t try to do it standing!

The exercises take place in and out of the water. As you can see, guests sit on the edge of the pool and do side-to-side core movements.

The noodles are given to the guests to help them balance while in the water, as no one is really used to wearing a tail and the movements can be difficult at first. Losing the ability to use your legs to kick in the water really engages the core, forcing it to do more of the work to keep your body afloat.

“People are surprised at how sore they are the next day,” Rohan said. Your body is definitely moving in a way it’s not used to. Guests said they didn’t feel the class was too difficult during, because of the water resistance, but that their muscles were sore the next day, surprisingly.

Because the hotel pool is very close to the sand and ocean, you almost feel like you’re swimming in the sea. This is as close to being a mermaid as you’re going to get!

Now, all we need is a coconut or shell bra.

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