American Airlines Flight 759 was flying from Athens to Philadelphia. Some people were seated while others were moving around the cabin. That’s when danger struck.

Planes normally endure turbulence as they fly throughout the clear blue skies. We used to call it air pockets that our plane was hitting, making us bounce around a bit. The scientific explanation says things like “chaotic changes in pressure” and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Air might be invisible, but it definitely has physical characteristics. Those characteristics actually lift the plane off the ground. But they don’t promise anything. You can get bounced around up there because air can. That’s why.

That’s what happened on the American Airlines flight. They got bounced around. It was so bad that 10 people were hospitalized. That’s pretty bad.

Bad Enough To Be A News Story

American Airlines

Most people prefer to stay in their seats with their seat belts on during the whole flight. Some even like to knock themselves out with an Ambien, or something stronger. Those people hate turbulence. They imagine the plane crashing before it has even taken off the ground. It’s best to let them do their thing.

But there are other people who like to get up and walk around like they’re at the mall or something. You know, because they are veteran flyers. They have flown before. They’re used to it. Nothing to it! Then, BAM!

Clean Up On Aisle 8

American Airlines

Their head hits the ceiling of the cabin and they have a nice size knot to go along with their concussion. The overhead compartments come flying open and clothes go flying everywhere. Camera bags smack people in the face.

When the turbulence was done and everything settled down, it looked like an old abandoned crack house, only it smelled fresh like laundry. But the passengers weren’t moving then. They were all seated and behaving. Clean up on Aisle 8 was going to have to wait.

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