Prepare to pack up your life.

The mayor of Candela has come up with the perfect solution to improve the population size of beautiful Italian town: pay people to move in!

The captivating town that was once home to 8,000 people in the 1990s now has only 2,700 residents.

If you’ve been thinking about running away to Italy, there’s no time like the present. Candela’s mayor Nicola Gatta is offering up a bit of bank to get you out there. Individuals can receive 800 euros and couples can get 1,200 euros. If you’re a family of three you will walk away with at least 1,500 euros while families of four or more can snag 2,000 euros. 2,000 euros converts to $2,300 and that’s just because you moved.

If you’re waiting for a catch, here it is. To be eligible, you must rent a house and find a job that will pay you 7,500 euros a year. Sounds easy enough considering rent in Italy is 43% lower than in the United States.

Did we mention you’ll have obvious access to authentic Italian food and be a scenic hour’s drive from the beach? There’s no reason not to pack your luggage.

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