If you are one of those travelers who enjoy elite status everywhere you go, you are going to love the changes at Punta Cana International Airport. They’ve got some great changes planned for you. But if you’re like me, you might not get it at first.

The Punta Cana plans on putting in an outdoor swimming pool for elite fliers. That means you have to be a member or be willing to pay the price for access. Then, you can take a jump in the pool and enjoy watching the planes come in and take off all day long.

Plans For The Outdoor Swimming Pool

outdoor swimming pool

For a traveler such as myself, I get to the airport with enough time to get through security and get to the plane. Once I land, I’m through the airport as fast as possible. It’s not a place I would consider hanging out. It’s just not my thing to take in the pool at the airport.

But I can sympathize with people who live their lives on the road. The more amenities an airport can offer, the better the travel experience is and I can relate to that. So, what’s the purpose of a pool though?

The Outdoor Swimming Pool View From The Inside

outdoor swimming pool

Actually, there is one very good reason an airport should have a pool and then there are several other reasons why it’s just a good idea. The elite travelers who like VIP everything would now have a pool to sit around and brag about. They can even change over real quick if they have time and jump in for a few seconds.

But the video makes a very good point. If you are a traveler, you have to deal with different traveling issues all the time. An airport pool is one way to deal, and other airports have already figured that out. So, the Punta Cana International Airport is not the first to have a pool. They are the first to have an outdoor pool that promises to put aircraft blast right in your face.

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