The biggest decisions when preparing to travel have to involve packing. What outfits do you bring? Check the weather, pack appropriate clothing, remember you wanted to go hiking, remember the weather changes, pack more clothing, pay for your overweight baggage.

TheVane is what happened when engineers got tired of playing guess and check with their packing.

The free app helps determine what travelers will need for their next trip. “TheVane was built to give both practical recommendations, as well as inspiration for trips, allowing travelers to shop any items they like or are missing,” said co-founder Chubi Nwagbara.

When it comes to simplicity, this app is beyond user friendly. Signing up takes all your basic information and once you enter your destination location, it helps make packing faster and more efficient.

Not only are there clothing suggestions based on the expected weather but it also accounts for activities. If you’re wondering whether a plug converter will be necessary, TheVine has you covered. There’s even a passport reminder.

The pack list can be toggled with until it is perfect. And if you realize you are missing a must have item, the app has shopping suggestions. The item can even be shipped to your destination if you’re already in route to the airport.. Nwagbara revealed some major secrets to the app’s success in tailoring suggestions. The software takes the user’s age, gender, purpose of travel, and travel dates into consideration.

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