When you’re a pilot or part of a flight crew, you need to be organized. You have equipment and paperwork that needs to be in place. A flight bag is your best friend.

As a former Loadmaster on C-130s, we had flight bags, but that was many years ago. These Brightline Bags are more advanced than anything I ever carried. They are made for the pilot of today.

My bag was a green bag with a few pockets. Things could get lost in there. My headset could get caught up with wires, pens, and everything else I needed for a flight. I remember rustling through my bag to find gloves, 550 cord, and my headset all tied up together.

A Compartment For Everything

brightline bags

It would have been great to have a different compartment for each thing. I even had a clipboard for my paperwork and having storage for all the blank sheets would have been extra special. It wasn’t available to me back then.

But it is now. If your life is on the go and you have a need to carry a lot of things with you, these Brightline Bags seem to be able to do the trick. Having more than one headphone and being able to store it is crucial.

Showing Off Its Versatility

brightline bags

Headphones get stepped on and sometimes fail. Having a backup is a good idea when you know you’re going to be on the road for a while. Plus, you can have a place for extra pens and extra paper.

There are even compartments for food. It would be nice to have something to tide you over until you get to your destination. This bag is a dream come true for a guy like me. But I wasn’t a pilot. I loaded the craft and then flew with it to unload it at its destination. Flying for weeks like that, a Brightline Bag is perfect for the job.

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