This past week, Florida experienced the largest hurricane in U.S. history. Though it eventually diminished from a category four to eventually a two and now down to a tropical storm, those in southern Florida and the Caribbean received the brunt of the storm and experienced catastrophic damage.

Hurricane Irma grounded many cruise ships, which canceled all of the scheduled cruises, but many cruise lines have decided to put their ships to good use. These ships are currently headed towards the islands at full speed, laden with enough food, water, and supplies to help tens of thousands and evacuate thousands more.

Norwegian Cruise Line pledged their 2,000-passenger Norwegian Sky ship to send aid to the residents of St. Thomas; Royal Caribbean is sending two of their own to St. Maarten (in which 70 percent of homes were destroyed) and St. Thomas, and are ready to send two more to parts of Florida, such as Key West, if need be.

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