When Kim Jong Un decided to attack the United States, of course he decided that it had to be Guam. That’s the closest territory that he could hit. His bomb just might make it that far.

So, Guam is being threatened now by North Korea and President Trump thought it would be a good idea to give the governor a call. Since it is a U.S. territory, it’s a nice thing for Donald Trump to call and let Governor Calvo know that he is not alone. America has his back.

But that’s not quite how the conversation went. Of course, those things were said. Donald Trump did assure the governor of Guam that America had his back. The people of Guam would be safe, which by the way has United States military on it too. It’s not just the residents living there.

Donald Trump On The Phone With Governor Calvo

Donald Trump

But Donald Trump also had some different news for Governor Calvo. He told him that this threat against his life and the lives of the residents living in Guam would boost tourism. That is no lie! That was part of their conversation.

There was laughter and lighthearted humor along with the talk about profitability. They threw a number around that occupancy would hit about 110%, which is baffling if you think about it. Does that mean Guam won’t be able to fit everyone?

Governor Calvo Loving The Thought Of Tourism

Donald Trump

Does that mean that a hotel at 110% has people sleeping outside on the lawn or in the hallways? That’s big-time business and government talk. You know, numbers that are impossible or fictitious.

So, while the world is watching what Kid Jong Un, I mean Kim Jong Un is going to do, those two leaders are thinking big. They are talking numbers and money about the tourism this threat will bring to the little island. You can’t make this stuff up!

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