There is something majestic about English castles. The history, the mystery, the regalness of them all makes these massive estates the envy of every little girl who dreams of finding her Prince Charming.

One castle in England certainly has the history and its mystery in tenfold, but it’s definitely lacking in the massive department.

And that’s just fine by us because this tiny castle looks like it was plucked out of a fairytale.

The best part? This amazing little castle is for sale and the price is very affordable!

How Sweet Is This Castle?

The 1830’s-era estate in Warwickshire in the West Midlands of England is on the market for a mere £550,000 – which works out to be $170,000.

This Castle Got In On The Tiny House Trend Early

The quaint little castle was originally a gatehouse for the nearby Weston Park Estate. The architect who helped complete Buckingham Palace, Edward Blore, was the architect who designed it. The gatehouse has since been transformed into a single-family home.

It Isn’t Just A Tiny Castle, It’s A Tiny Estate

The property has a gated driveway that leads to a smaller structure, which looks like it was originally a carriage house. Now, it has several garages and a home office.

It Has Modern Amenities Throughout

The castle itself may be 200 years old, but it has been fully renovated with modern amenities such as a stainless steel oven and dishwasher. This place keeps getting better and better!

It Even Has Its Own Fairytale Garden

One of the best features of the kitchen – aside from the modern appliances – is the stone windows that look out onto the gardens. The intention of the estate was to be fully self-sufficient, so the property has vegetable patches and fruit trees planted throughout.

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