Before September 11, 2001, people without tickets enjoyed the opportunity to take their loved ones through airport security all the way to the front gate and see them off. Once that infamous day shook the nation, TSA cracked down big time on making sure that something of its nature would never happen again. Part of their initiative included preventing people who hadn’t purchased boarding passes from making it past security.

Pittsburgh Airport is the first to reinstate that past ability and have already allowed people to take their traveling family members through TSA checks. So far they are the only airport to do so, and there’s no current indication that any other airport will follow suit.

This new initiative can be utilized using myPITpass, which can be obtained at a designated kiosk. After presenting a photo ID, recipients will be vetted against the TSA’s No Fly List and will then be issued a pass which will allow them to dine and shop within the airport’s terminal.

However, the pass recipients are still subject to the same regulations, which means no liquids over three ounces, no sharp objects or weapons, and so on. Passes will not be issued during high travel times in order to ensure that passengers don’t miss their flight due to extended security time.

The TSA doesn’t anticipate this new initiative to affect security wait time otherwise, and they’ll be adding additional security staff to handle the influx of people. Passes can currently be obtained Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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