Tired of the same old ways of life? Living on land got you feeling trapped? Done with those stuffy rows of seating and being squeezed in between Margaret with the overactive bladder and Matthew with the blaring headphones for hours of airtime travel? Would you like to float on into the abyss on a secluded and eco friendly island?

If comfort and sustainability are your cup of tea then look no further than into the future of innovative design made with the planet in mind. Science and technology have brought the human race from the stone age to virtual reality and fairly practical travel, but what more do these advancements have to offer?

A few clever designers have drawn up some seriously bright ides which focus on the vitality and life of our mother earth all the while making day to day life a breeze with ultimate comfort and luxurious amenities.

Take a look at a few of the best ideas for travel and living in the gallery below to see just how promising this genius technology may be!

How About A Dip In The Pool While In Flight On This Noiseless Plane?

Those with a fear of heights (probably) need not apply.

Or How About Relocating To One Of These Lily Pad Floating Cities?

There are already plans for places like these in the works.

These Floating Gardens Serve As Skyscrapers And Bioreactors!

They are also designed to clean the air where they are located.

The Boomerang Is Its Own Entity! An Island With Energy And Everything!

Just think of it as an “innerspace” station.

This Super-Yacht Is Modeled After An Exoskeleton And Is Loaded With Amenities!

While it looks surreal, it is like living in the lap of luxury.

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