Royal Caribbean cruisers will be getting an exciting change of scenery with the cruise line’s new upgrades.

In the near future, cruise-goers will have the ability to unlock their rooms with a smartphone, smartwatch and even board the ship with facial recognition. The biggest change comes with the “stateroom of the future.” The new stateroom will assist guest in ways like never before. Travelers will have more ease of falling asleep, waking up, relaxing and connecting to the sea all thanks to an onboard update on technology.

“We really try to innovate on every aspect of our vacation experience,” said Jay Schneider, senior vice president of digital at Royal Caribbean.

During a demo showing, Royal Caribbean representatives showed how 4K video technology could be incorporated to transform the room. How does the idea of being able to have a balcony view and stargaze from your bed sound? How about watching the rainfall with zero chance of getting wet? By placing the 4K video technology on the wall, guests can opt to wake up to the beautiful sunrise.

These staterooms are demo’d so don’t go looking for this crazy edged room. They won’t be bookable for several years. If you’re looking to catch an upscale ship, the Celebrity Edge is packed with innovative technology like panoramic windows, giving you an ocean-view from each angle.

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