MySpace was at the top of its game back in 2008. That was five years after Tom Anderson co-founded it. But two years after it was founded, MySpace was sold for $580 million and Tom stayed on for about five more years, but eventually went into retirement.

What happened to MySpace is what happens to most companies people see value in. The company gets acquired. People who think they know what they’re doing come in and start making changes. Those changes actually make life miserable for people and devalue the user experience. But no one can tell them that. All anyone can do is sit back and watch the train wreck about to happen.

So Tom took his millions and went into retirement. “I’ll never say never, because more than anything I like the idea that anything can happen. I don’t know exactly where my life will lead. Adventure and the unknown has always been appealing to me.”

What is Tom doing now? In 2011, he discovered a love of photography. Now, he travels the world taking great pictures. What a life that must be. Not a care in the world and doing something he loves. You go, Tom!

Tom’s MySpace Profile

If you remember MySpace, you know Tom. He was your first friend, assigned to you by default. So, that means he had the most friends on MySpace because he was everyone’s friend.

His Vision Is His Camera

Photography isn’t just a thing anyone can do. Of course, anyone can point a camera. But not everyone can bring the subject to life.

On A Road In China

Does it seem odd to you that there are no cars on that road? He chose the absolute best time to shoot the footage of a lonely road.

A Lavafall In Hawaii

That would have been a view. But Tom did the next best thing. He brought the view to us.

A Scenic View In Virginia

When you drive through Virginia, it’s the scenic views like this that make it unique. It can make you want to stop your travels and stay a while.

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