Hotel stays can either make your vacation magical or make you question why you even chose the hotel. The smallest things can ruin your stay like the housekeepers on your floor blasting their music while they clean across the hall. Luckily for travelers, hotel properties all over have heard the strange complaints and have begun to make changes.

Tiny Closets
Even on a short vacation, the six hangers provided aren’t doing anyone any favors and of course, after ordering up more, your clothes are now wrinkled from shoving them into the slit in the wall that they call a closet. At Moxie Times Square, the storage space is unreal. Guests can find hidden storage in the pull out drawers underneath the bed. The wooden wall pegs give added hanging space. There is even a fold up table and collapsible leather chair to save space in your hotel room.

Minimal Power Outlets
There’s nothing worse than having to move the bed and dresser to look for an outlet to save your dying cell only to discover that there’s no outlet. IHG brand Holiday Inn has begun adding outlets throughout the room and even the lobby and gym. There are even USB outlets in case the base of the charger gets lost in your luggage.

Inconvenient Housekeeping Visits
There’s a bit of downtime on your schedule, so you lay back to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and then comes the inevitable knock-knock and high pitched “Housekeeping!” You might let out a sigh or a grunt, especially if you put on the famous “do not disturb” sign.

The staff of The Mantra Samui in Ko Samui, Thailand have mastered the route around annoying housekeeping visits. Hotel guests have an app where they can schedule any housekeeping, room service and any maintenance visits that they may need. Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine in Spain takes the less electronic approach by having guests put their desired housekeeping time on the door handle sign the night before. Here’s to hoping they remember to fill out that sign.

Dangerous Ventures into the Dark
While dark alleys are a concern, we’re talking about those nighttime trips to the restroom or refrigerator where you hit your hip on a random corner and question your existence. While it’s not ideal that all corners be removed from the hotel room, hotels are beginning to add under-the-bed lighting to help navigate those midnight trips around the room. The light will be subtle enough to not disturb any other guests in the room but bright enough to keep you a bit safer.

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