The average Game of Thrones fan is under 30, which means that the average Game of Thrones fan is dirt poor. While I’m sure a great many fans would love to tour iconic destinations used in the Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movies, the simple fact is that the vast majority simply can’t afford to.


For less than $100 (that’s right), you can visit major Game of Thrones filming locations throughout Croatia! The small country has seen more filming there than any other country, so this is where you’ll really get the biggest bang for your buck — or hundred bucks.

Transportation search site Wanderu has compiled an itinerary for anyone who seriously wants to travel Croatia in search of these iconic locations.

Starting from Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, you can take a bus ride to Krka National Park in Šibenik for $23.37 where you can find filming locations for the House of Black and White as well as various other backdrop scenes.

From there it’s $13.38 to get to Trogir, aka the city of Qarth.

Then it’s on to Split where you can find Mereen and Daenerys’ throne room (just don’t expect to find those pyramids there). This costs only a mere $1.11.

For $6.68 you can get from Split to Makarska, where much of the journey traveling to Mereen took place.

From there you’ll be headed to Trsteno where you can find the lush gardens of the Red Keep. The sight is breathtaking, especially considering it’s only $10.02 to get there.

After that you’ll be headed to your final and best destination: Dubrovnik. For only $2.23 you can get to the city that contains some of the most classic Game of Thrones locations such as King’s Landing and the Red Keep, the stairs that lead up to the Great Sept of Baelor (which unfortunately only exists in the show), and the House of the Undying.

Once in Dubrovnik, you’ll be at the southernmost end of Croatia, with your original destination, Zagreb, far to the north. Not to worry, you can get back there for only $33.38. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have only spent $90.17 — a real bargain for some of the best sightseeing you’ll ever experience!

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