When people go camping, normally it’s called “roughing it.” They get dirty. They get smelly. And they have fun doing it.

Camping brings people back to the earth. They are off living in their dream houses and driving their dream cars all year long. They need a few days to leave all that behind and live off the land. Go fishing. Go hiking. Sit by a fire and roast marshmallows. You know, the way the cave dwellers used to do it.

Setting It On The Water

But some people like to cheat. Even then, at least they are in nature. They drive their campers up to an electric outlet so that they can have a refrigerator and television. The kids still play their video games. But at least they are out of the city and into the fresh air. Maybe they’ll catch a fish if they get off their handhelds long enough.

What if someone came up with a combination that could blow your mind? Take camping and combine it with boating. But the camper is the boat. Wouldn’t that be something awesome, especially if you could afford it? At about $22,000, that depends on your finances.

A Nice View From The Inside

Of course, you could just buy a boat and then throw camping gear into it. But the Sealander comes with a portable restroom and a small kitchen. It has seating for six that folds out into a bed for sleeping at night. The only problem is when it’s time for bed, do you want to sleep under the stars on land or on the water?

You can do either one. Take the Sealander out on the water and do some swimming. Catch some fish. Have dinner on the water and then lie under the stars and count as many as you can before you get the most awesome night’s sleep you’ve ever had in a long time.

Get A Closer Look

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