In an effort to keep some of its densest population areas safe, Italy is expanding its protective measures for tourists and citizens alike by building concrete barriers around its most famed attractions. In light of recent terrorism-inspired attacks that have been carried out with motor vehicles, the country believes that surrounding these busy areas will protect a lot more people from suffering any unexpected threats.

Officials have already lined the streets of Milan with the barriers, providing a protective route leading up to the iconic Duomo cathedral. More barriers have also been placed near the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which is the city’s historic shopping center.

The decision comes in the wake of vehicular attacks in places like New York City, Barcelona, Spain back in August, and Nice, France a summer ago. Combined, these attacks have left dozens dead, with hundreds more suffering injuries. These terrorist acts usually utilize larger trucks in order to carry out excessive damage, and occurrences have become more frequent after their successes in large cities across Europe and the United States.

More than 6,000 Italian troops have been assigned to protect the streets, while vetting of risky non-nationals and additional surveillance has taken priority to ensure the safety of anyone in the Italian city centers.

Cities like Bologna and Turin have already put up these protective barriers as well, and Palermo is also aiming to follow suit. This continues to further the heightened security measures in Italy over the recent years, with the country already implementing thorough security around Rome, and particularly near the Vatican, which is considered to be a main target for terrorist organizations like ISIS.

Italy isn’t the only country stepping up its security though, with Paris beginning talks of building a protective wall around the Eiffel Tower. In vision, the constructed barrier would include a bulletproof material, with a proposed cost of around $20 million — unsurprisingly, it’s causing quite a stir between the French government and its citizens.

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