Who knew that just off Jamaica’s southwest shore sits the most unique and memorable bar you’ll ever see in your life? Floyd’s Pelican Bar is the ultimate Caribbean getaway and will be sure to leave all of your Instagram followers green with envy.

The only way to get there is by boat, which can be arranged by one of the many hotels you can stay at along Treasure Beach. For more adventurous visitors, try your luck with one of the locals and see if they’ll give you a lift on one of their boats. Make sure to bring some extra bills, as the bar is cash-only.

The structure itself was beautifully handcrafted by local fisherman, Floyd Forbes (hence the name). It’s made out of driftwood and palm fronds with tree trunks as its support posts.

When you arrive, you have to order a Red Stripe, their renowned local brew. If that doesn’t float your boat, their rum cocktails are out of this world! They also serve up freshly caught grilled fish, so don’t worry about bringing your own snacks to tide you over.

Don’t be surprised if you see some of the locals enjoying drinks over a game of dominos. For those who wish to sip on their beverages while catching some vitamin D, the water around the bar is shallow enough to wade in. You can also bring along a float, sit back, and let the water gently wash all your worries away.

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