Uniqlo’s identity as an international clothing brand is about to get a whole lot bigger. The Japanese retailer recently began installing vending machines stocked full of some of their best products in airports across the United States, so now if you forget something while you’re traveling, you can easily snag it at your own convenience.

The first machine opened up in August at Oakland International Airport, and nine other units made their way into other locations later that month. Uniqlo also plans to begin inserting these machines in shopping malls, allowing them to spread their brand to new audiences who may not have an actual store nearby.

Inside these kiosks will be a variety of necessities, including options for both men and women. Products will feature easily forgotten merchandise like undershirts and underwear, while also stocking the company’s famous HeatTech thermals and sweaters for those who are feeling a bit cold on their journey. Other products and a variety of colors will also be offered depending on the location of the vending machine.

The kiosks only serve as an experiment for now, as Uniqlo tries to get a better handle on their U.S. market. This offers a cheap and efficient way to spread brand awareness, and follows the likes of Best Buy, who’ve experienced phenomenal successes with their airport vending machines that sell commonly needed electronics.

The products will be dispensed in small boxes and canisters, making portability and accessibility very easy if you need the product at that moment, or you’re saving it for later on in your trip.

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