When the president leaves the office, his job is not really over. Of course, Jimmy Carter could have walked out of the White House and taken the rest of his life off. But he decided to keep going instead, and that’s one of the great things about him.

Recently, he was more than just a former president. He was like an ambassador for Delta Airlines. When he boarded the plane, he greeted everyone who was on it. That’s something he doesn’t have to do anymore.

He doesn’t have to shake all the hands and kiss all the babies anymore. He won. He won a long time ago. Then, he did his job and served the highest office in the land with honor. So who would question him if he didn’t feel like campaigning everywhere he went these days?

Jimmy Carter Making His Rounds

But that’s not who Jimmy is. He’s that old-school type of guy who can’t stop working even after he has done everything that he can do. Jimmy Carter continues to treat the people around him with respect as if instead of being their king and ruler, he knows that it was the people of the United States that he served.

It would be a great service for all politicians to learn that. Jimmy Carter wins hearts everywhere he goes. When he shook hands and greeted everyone on his Delta Flight, that was hardly his first time.

It’s Not His First Time He’s Done This, By The Way

Ioana F @ibflorea tweeted “I’ve flown from NY to ATL w Jimmy Carter on the flight before & he did the same thing. One of the good ones, even if you acknowledge his flaws.”

Andy McDowell @AirspaceDude sent out this tweet: “Standard Operating Procedure for Jimmy…I have been a recipient of his graciousness in such a setting…”

So, some people have experienced the kindness of Jimmy Carter before this flight. That’s how he is and that’s the way to be. It’s a life of service to the people and some people consider it a high calling. Jimmy Carter is one of those good ones, as Ioana says.

Enjoy Watching Jimmy Carter By The Best


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