If you’re concerned that Iceland has been ruined by American tourists, just head a bit further north.

A former sheep farm in Fljot Valley has been transformed into a luxury destination for looking for adventure. The journey to Deplar Farm is a feat on its own. In the winter, Fljot Valley has some of the highest snowfall on the planet — so much so that one of the routes is forced closed in the winter.

Those who can endure the trek are sure to be wonderstruck by the winter wonderland once they finally arrive.

The lodge contains 12 simple rooms that offer enchanting mountain views.

If you’re in need of more fun, Deplar Farms offers heli-skiing. Guests are helicoptered to the top of mountains of their choice before skiing down. Some of the routes to the bottom have never been taken. Those guests able to ski down the slopes are allowed to name the descent.

Since the farm is located on the Northern Atlantic coast, guests can grab a wetsuit to catch some waves and even spot a few humpback whales.

The real rest and relaxation comes once guests return to the lodge. After you’ve wrecked your body from a day of adventure, there is a masseuse ready to unwind weary bodies along with an in-house chef. Before hitting the sheets, guests can head out to the outdoor geothermal spring to watch the northern lights above them.

Rooms for the lodge start at $1,750 per night.

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