If you live near the Straits of Mackinac which are located between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsula, then you can see a natural phenomenon occurring there that doesn’t happen every day. When the conditions are right, the ice turns a beautiful shade of blue, which attracts visitors from all over to marvel at it.

Some people may gather to stare at the icy creation, but most come from miles away to photograph the natural wonder. Both amateur and professional photographers alike find the massive, blue chunks of ice to be both inspiring and naturally artistic.

What's with the blue ice? Ice only appears blue when it is sufficiently consolidated so that air bubbles do not…

Posted by Apostle Islands National Lakeshore on Monday, January 15, 2018

Tori Burley, a photographer from Mackinaw City said, “The blue ice is incredible, when it shows up, it’s like these mountains of ice just appear on the shores out of nowhere.”

“Nothing seems to compare to it,” she added. “When you’re standing next to this ice that’s bigger than you are – it completely changes your perspective.”

The best time to really capture the incredible color is at sunrise or right before sunset, when the lighting is perfect. Videographer Dustin Dilworth said that some of the ice stacks he saw were as tall as a three-story building. He was able to use one of his drones to capture the full magnitude of the icy mountains from all different angles.

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