In 1984, Midwest Express took off with a good game plan in mind. Take care of the people who fly with them and be the Best Care in the Air. That business model was made clear by a simple little thing every passenger was sure to get: a cookie.

The cookie was such a big deal for passengers. Besides being good, it symbolized all that was good in a business that cared more about its customers than it did its bottom line. The seating was comfortable. The plane wasn’t congested. The service was on time and people got the attention they deserve.

Seating Comfortable For Everyone

Midwest Express

That’s what an airline used to be made of at one point. But costs have made airlines cut back on their services. They make smaller meals. Some don’t offer them at all. Drinks are more expensive. There is a cost on anything from headsets to peanuts.

Midwest Express took its last flight in November 2009. There were even protests. Some were called “Save the Cookie.” That’s how big of a thing the cookie became. It wasn’t just a nice treat to say, “We Care.” It was a huge eye-opener that quality of service was going out the window and the age of cost-cutting, degraded service was being ushered in the door.

Their Infamous Cookie

Midwest Express

Years go by and some very smart, high-up people are starting to rethink things. Midwest Express is coming back. There is a multi-million dollar deal on the table. Curt Drumm, the president of Lakeshore Aviation out of Manitowoc County Airport, is bringing this deal together, though he wouldn’t offer much detail.

He stated that things have to be finalized and until that happens, there were no more details to be given. Just rest assured that Midwest Express will be coming back. Quality flight experiences are just within your grasp and you will once again get to enjoy your cookie.

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