United Airlines has done it again. How in the world are they still operating when they are making the hugest mistakes and nearly costing people their lives? This time a baby overheated while a flight was delayed.

Can you imagine being a mom with no options while you watch your baby overheat? The baby could have died. But gladly that wasn’t the case. What did the airline staff do? They had absolutely no clue what to do.

What a sad case to be in when you’re on a flight and your life is literally in the hands of others, but they are not equipped to handle emergencies or difficult situations. Remember the case when Dr. David Dao refused to give up his seat because he had already been boarded? He shouldn’t have been inconvenienced so that workers for the airline could get their accommodations.

The Worry Of A Mother When A Baby Overheats

Baby Overheats

But instead of dealing with it in a courteous manner, they beat the man up. They treated him like he had started a riot on the plane or had threatened the lives of people around him. He probably still hasn’t gotten over the damages he sustained that day.

That was the first in a series of stories that started breaking about United. They are really getting bad press and it’s because they don’t appear to have the proper training to operate an airline. From top down, no one seems to know what they are doing.

United Needs To Get Its Act Together

Baby Overheats

It’s as if the training stops at seat belt operation and from then on they just wing it. They have no idea how to deal with emergencies and they always seem to come across as if they have very little care. If they are in the wrong, they point their finger.

If it was Chipotle, they’d be shut down if they weren’t run correctly. Why hasn’t anyone simply shut the airline down until they get their act together? Is that not how it’s done?

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