Tiffany Johnson from Concord, North Carolina has a bittersweet story to tell. She went on vacation and came back without half her arm. How she survived is even more phenomenal. The whole ordeal is unreal. You won’t believe it until you see it.

What would you do if you were on vacation, doing a little snorkeling, and you came face to face with a shark? Most people would flip out and make it worse. Most people would become dinner. But that wasn’t going to happen to Tiffany.

Tiffany With Her Three Children Who Almost Lost Their Mother

shark attack

When she describes how the shark had her arm, it’s surreal. It’s hard to imagine how calm she was to turn around and see the shark looking back at her. She started to yank on her arm. But it wasn’t coming loose.

Then, she was able to pull herself away. Only the shark had half her arm. It had separated and that’s how she got free. It’s a pretty sad story when you think that her and her husband were on vacation. They were only trying to blow off some steam from raising three kids and working so hard.

A Nice Family Photo They Can All Remember

shark attack

Her husband, James, tried to save her from the shark. But it was really more of a miracle that Tiffany got away and got to safety. How it happened is still unclear. Only she knows.

There were other obstacles they had yet to face. First was the fact that they had passport and customs issues getting back to the states. Then, she needed a Medevac to the hospital. At $16,000, who was going to pay for that? Can you imagine going through all that when you’ve just lost half an arm and you need medical attention?

Tiffany and James still have the rest of their lives to look forward to together. They should always count their blessings for that. But first, listen to them recount the shark attack Tiffany lived through while she was on vacation.

Let Them Tell You Their Story

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