Long flights are such a pain in the neck — and if you land a middle seat, good luck!

Let’s face it. No matter how good the brand, neck pillows are no match for long flights. You bump your seat neighbor several times just trying to position it only to accidentally catch your head falling forward and, heaven forbid, on your neighbor.

If you’re looking for optimal rest on your flight and the pleasure of waking up without a crick in your neck then the JetComfy should be your next investment.

It looks like a selfie-stick with a pillow and it’s guaranteed to make you the envy of your next flight. The adjustable rod attaches to your armrest and allows you to position yourself perfectly on the memory foam platform. You will have an ergonomically flawless flight.

“Our goal was to mimic the natural resting pose of resting your head on your hand,” said co-founder David Brecht. “JetComfy takes up only a very tiny portion of the armrest, leaving it available for your neighbor to still use. If you didn’t have a JetComfy, you would be resting your arm on the shared armrest which takes up much more space.”

The pillow comes in light gray and navy blue. As for the price of a good flight’s rest, the craned pillow goes for between $40 to $50. The best part? It complies with the TSA guidelines as its rod can collapse and fold under the pillow base.

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