Flying can be a stress factor for so many people. Some will have a few drinks before boarding the plane. Others will literally take drugs to knock themselves out just before takeoff.

But that’s not how everyone deals with stressful flying. Actually, no one knows yet what this teenage boy was going through or why he felt the need to open the emergency exit. That is a big no-no when you are on a plane.

It’s A Violation Of Federal Law

emergency exit

You are not allowed to touch the emergency exit door without the permission from a crew member. They will let you know. The scenario would have to be bad enough that people are trying to jump out from altitude or the plane crashed and the crew member is trying to take care of the survivors.

That’s the reason a crew member will give a passenger permission to open the emergency exit. You can’t just do it yourself. That’s the problem with flying. There are all kinds of people on planes.

Some of them might have deep psychological issues and they can cause problems for the airplane and the other passengers. But that’s the nature of the industry. There is no real training for being a passenger of a plane.

He Definitely Needs Some Help

emergency exit

They take anyone who has money regardless of a psych evaluation. They don’t discriminate as long as a person can pay for the ticket. That means you could be sitting beside a serial killer. You could be sitting beside a guy who didn’t get enough hugs as a child and has intentions of taking everyone down that day just to make a statement to his father.

You have to really be on guard when you go on a plane. Of course, this teenager was nervous and fidgety. That’s really nothing that’s going to set off alarms if you think about. Many passengers are fidgety. But then, this kid does an unspeakable thing that could have cost the lives of all the passengers on board.

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