To travel to over 100 countries would mean that you would have visited more than half of the 195 sovereign nations in the world. And if you are able to do so, you can be admitted into one of the most coveted clubs there is — the Travelers’ Century Club.

Founded back in 1954 in Los Angeles, the nonprofit travel organization has expanded from just a limited number of people to over 1,400 now, featuring members from all across the world.

Once you are in, you’re able to share info about some of the least visited places on the map, and network with other travelers to inquire about what destinations you should visit, and why.

The group also has regular meet-ups in which those who are not traveling, or are in the midst of traveling, can come together and discuss their recent adventures, all while deciding which places they might be venturing to next, with open invitations to other members.

There are currently 21 different club chapters around the globe, and most of them offer social events at different points year-round. Besides just the interactions, the Travelers’ Century Club also hosts educational seminars, offers access to some of the world’s most renowned travel guides, and even permits to get into some of the planet’s hardest-to-reach locations.

Of course, the status also comes with an exclusive membership card, a certificate, and special pin. All it takes to get access, other than the actual passport-verified proof that you’ve visited over 100 countries, is to fill out an application and submit a $100 initiation fee.

Even better news is that the club is no longer limiting its access to travelers who have only been to the 195 sovereign countries. It now includes travel to 325 different spots around the world, including smaller destinations like Vatican City, Prince Edward Island in Canada, and even the U.S. state of Alaska.

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