On a recent Reddit thread, Uber drivers took to the site to discuss their best passenger stories. The thread is absolute gold!

One driver told the story of a young couple that he had picked up. The two were extremely PDA heavy, and they were making out for most of the trip, and telling how much they loved each other. After the couple left the car, the driver heard the phone ring; he picked it up, assuming it was the owner. He soon found out that it was the man’s wife, checking in on him during his business trip. The driver was going to out him to his mistress when he returned the phone, but the plan fizzled out when the man surprised him with a $100 tip.

One night, our hero picked up two guys that were going to a strip club that was 40 miles away. They seemed cool at first, but one passenger started to ask about Uber driving, and then he asked the driver what he would do if someone would grab the wheel from him and run the car off the road. The guy continued to ask creepy questions for the rest of the ride, but fortunately, our hero made it out just fine.

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