Calling all adventure lovers and scuba enthusiasts! Florida’s Devil’s Den is a bucket list must visit. The underground spring within a cave got the name after early settlers saw steam rising from the ground.

The spring is a hot spot for those looking to get wet while exploring ancient fossil beds. Whether you’re looking to dive down in scuba gear or skim the surface while snorkeling, the sights are worth experiencing.

Remains from the Pleistocene Age, dating back 33 million years, are anchored in the riverbed. After you’ve worked up an appetite from exploring the waters, head to the food truck and picnic tables to refuel.

If checking the fossil sites sounds like a good afternoon but your swimming skills aren’t up to par, then head over to the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. Just a 30-minute drive away, the museum offers the opportunity to check out fossil displays ranging from saber-toothed cats to ground sloths.

What are you waiting on? This is the perfect way to travel back in time.

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