This restaurant is not for those who have a fear of heights! When this restaurant is opened, it will dangle 1,000 feet up on the side of a cliff at Basaseachic Falls in Mexico. The Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar will have two levels with a dining room at the bottom and a rooftop bar on the top — including a swimming pool.  

For those bold enough to eat in the dining room, they’ll have a clear view of the river 1,000 feet below their feet. If they can peer down without losing their appetite, they’ll have a delectable menu to choose from, including traditional south-of-the-border classics but with a cuisine twist to them.

This planned restaurant comes on the heels of several other glass-bottomed attractions — such as Los Angeles’ U.S. Bank Tower at which an enclosed glass slide is being constructed. Other destinations like the Grand Canyon, Willis Tower, and London’s Tower Bridge are also installing observation decks that allow complete transparency.

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