For anyone over the age of 20, napping is an essential part of life, often necessary to drag yourself through the day once that fourth cup of coffee has worn off. Often, though, it can be very difficult trying to find that perfect place where you can snooze without looking like a homeless person. Somebody in Spain figured that out, because they just opened Siesta & Go — a lounge that caters to the weary.

Located in Madrid, this nap lounge is “a place where you can rest as you want in your free time.” While it isn’t the first of its kind — as several others exist in locations like Paris, London, Brussels, Tokyo, and NYC — it is the first for Spain.

In addition to 19 beds, it also features armchairs and footrests for people seeking some simple relaxation instead of a full nap. For people who want to get some R&R and still get work done, there are work spaces and wifi available.

But that isn’t all — you can even slip into some slippers and nightshirts available to use for free!  If you’re worried about cleanliness issues, don’t worry. A cleaning service is used daily.

You can pay 26 cents per minute to use or $16 for an hour. Frequent guests can purchase a certificate, but walk-ins are accepted.

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