If experiencing fear is how you get your fill, then step right up. You can spend your Halloween night in an “Alcatraz” prison cell.

The San Francisco Dungeon is offering the ultimate spooky sleepover for the haunted holiday.

The brave are able to reserve a bed for the night at the Dungeon on October 30 and 31 in a cell reconstruction. This will be the first time guests will be allowed to spend the night in a cell on the property.

Fear and panic are abundant in this interactive attraction as sensory deprivation adds to the nerve-wrecking night.

The experience is for up to four people and includes a not-so-sweet bedtime story and a not-so-cozy night’s sleep in the Ghosts of Alcatraz Suite. Listed at $666 a night, the deal also comes with Dungeon -themed night clothes, midnight snack and a breakfast in (cell) bed. We wonder how they came up with the price.

Looking for a spook of your own without spending the night? Shuffle into Dungeon’s rat cafe where you can dine with rescued rodents from the non-profit organization Rattie Ratz for only $49.99.

Are you brave enough? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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