To melt away the stress of traveling, The Hotel Nikko San Francisco has a staff member whose title is “Canine Operating Officer.” That’s right…his real name is Buster Posey Presutti and he’s the sweetest morkie you’ll ever meet.

As guests enter their rooms, they’re greeted by a stuffed animal dog on their bed and a notecard. For $29 you can take the stuffed animal home (and benefit a local animal shelter in the process), or make a quick call to the hotel’s concierge and schedule some puppy play time with Buster.

When Buster is unavailable, his best friend, Tamago, takes over for him. In addition to meeting with guests, the Canine Operating Officer is available to hang out with any other dogs that are staying at the hotel and keep them company.

The Hotel Nikko San Francisco encourages guests to bring their pets and offers a puppy special which includes a dog bed, bowl, and treats starting around $50 per night. Your pet will be well taken care of on the VIP (Very Important Pet) floor where they will stay and befriend fellow canine guests. You can also catch some fresh air with your pup at the outdoor patio and dog-run.

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