This story started out weeks ago when the U.S. started warning travelers about tainted alcohol in popular Mexican resorts. It wasn’t just one occurrence. But one occurrence has definitely sparked a domino effect that culminated in a huge raid.

When Abbey Connor, age 20, drowned in a pool at the Iberostar Paraiso resort in Playa del Carmen, something immediately was strange. Abbey, a girl from Wisconsin, was on a family vacation back in January. She and her brother were found together in the pool.

The only difference was that her brother was found with a concussion. Abbey was found face down and the reason why wasn’t very clear at the moment. But it was determined that the two had drunk tainted alcohol.

She Was A Young 20-Year-Old On Vacation

tainted alcohol

Since that occurrence, others have come forward with their stories. One lady woke up with a broken hand. Another guy talks about an experience in which he had no idea what was going on, but he knew he was tripping on something.

These occurrences have started a full-scale investigation that the Mexican authorities acted on with nothing short of fast and effective resolve. They raided 31 resorts throughout Mexico that are known as tourist hot spots and they confiscated 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol.

What’s the purpose of a favorite hot spot to serve illegal alcohol? There are probably several different reasons. One seems obvious, to get more money out of their customers. Of course, a drugged customer is easier to manipulate into building a higher tab and signing for it.

Get The Tips On Avoiding Tainted Alcohol

tainted alcohol

But that just scratches the surface. Taking advantage of the customer’s wallet is just one angle. There are other things that can be taken advantage of when a person is drugged out of their mind.

If you choose to travel to Mexico, make sure you stay on guard. Even though a raid was performed that put these resorts in the headlines, that doesn’t mean that the practice won’t continue.

– Make sure you watch your drink getting made.
– Have the bartender open the bottle in front of you.
– If it smells or looks weird, don’t drink it.
– Never leave drink unattended.
– If you start feeling weird, call emergency immediately.

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