The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 has come and gone. It left some people in tears over the awe and inspiration they felt as the moon ventured across the sun. Other people were left with a disappointed feeling in their gut. But there is one Total Solar Eclipse experience that surpasses them all and you’ll get to see it.

First though, let’s talk about the disappointment some people felt. Carbondale, Illinois was the center of this event. It was the place that was hyped up as the best place to view the eclipse. So, people traveled from hundreds and thousands of miles. Some camped all night.

When the eclipse was taking place though, it got cloudy. Their view was blocked and they didn’t get the great experience it was hyped up to be. That’s bad luck, guys. Sorry you went through all that for the disappointment you got out of it.

The Solar Eclipse At Denny’s

Solar Eclipse

Hope you at least got some hot, steamy mooncakes out of it to swallow your disappointment away. Denny’s was running a great special for everyone. You could get all you could eat mooncakes for a very low price and it was a great way to bring everyone together for the day.

In fact, America was brought together in more ways than just one. We were also taught how the scammers are selling rip-off glasses that could blind us if we use them. That’s a good thing because looking directly at the solar eclipse could have made you go blind.

I’m Certain They Made Sure Everyone Knew

Solar Eclipse

Moving on, the greatest video that was ever taken of the Total Solar Eclipse didn’t even happen in 2017. It happened last year and it was kept on the down low because it was taking place over the middle of the Pacific Ocean and no one was going to get a good view of it.

That is except for Mike Kentrianakis who found out that a commercial flight would be going from Anchorage to Honolulu around that time and it would be right in its path. Mike and some colleagues had to talk the airline into delaying the flight for almost an hour. When the airline realized that Mike and his friends weren’t crazy, they agreed to delay the flight and Mike got the greatest video of the solar eclipse ever.

Most of the comments on his YouTube video say “Crazy astronomer loses it at 35,000 feet.” You’re about to find out why.

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