Imagine walking along the streets of King’s Landing, gazing at the coastal waters alongside Dragonstone, or soaking in the Mediterranean-inspired sights of Braavos. For many Game of Thrones fans this would be a dream come true.  

Well, those dreams can very easily become a reality! The production crew used many real-world locations to bring the world of Westeros and Essos to life, and any Game of Thrones aficionado can visit them with only airfare standing in their way. Even if you aren’t especially into the show, these locations may still interest you.  

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Fans will very likely recognize this as the primary filming location for many King’s Landing scenes. Its European feel was in perfect sync with the aesthetic of the show’s classic location, and even if you tote along a family member or spouse who isn’t big on the show, they’ll still find the location a beauty to behold.

Doune Castle, Scotland

While there was clearly some facade work and digital enhancing done to the castle, particularly keen fans will still recognize Winterfell lurking in there. Constructed in the 13th century, this castle is precisely the sort of historical treasure that location scouts relish when looking for that perfect base inspiration for their fantasy-inspired films and shows.

Devil’s Staircase, Northern Ireland

When Daenerys landed on the shores of Dragonstone for the first time in the show’s history and ascended the stairs to the magnificent castle, it was enough to bring a tear or two to the eyes of many fans. Well, those stairs weren’t the design of a production department, they’re the design of medieval stone masons. Though the beach (called the Downhill Strand) is in Spain, the winding stairs ascending the hill remain in Ireland (though you won’t find any castle there, unfortunately).

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