The U.S. has issued a warning to American travelers to be careful if they are going to go to Cancun or Los Cabos, Mexico. Of course, you have to give the U.S. credit for trying to curb Americans to travel to safer destinations. But some travelers are getting the wrong idea.

It’s not a ban. It’s a warning. Where some travelers got the idea that there was a ban remains a mystery. Plus, it’s Cancun. It’s not war-torn Syria.

One Man Is Covered After Being Murdered

travel warning

Is there good reason for the warning? There has been a rise in homicides in those cities. It is gang related. Some of the homicides have been innocent bystanders who were only trying to visit the place. So, yes. There is good reason.

A rise in homicides isn’t the only concern. There are also kidnappings and carjackings. Imagine being on vacation with a bunch of your friends from school and the next thing you know, you’re a passenger in the very car you rented. If you’re in the hands of the drug cartel, your life just took a turn for the worst.

Armed Officers Patrolling The Beach

travel warning

Is it a major concern? The fact of the matter is that some U.S. cities have higher homicide rates than what’s reported in Cancun and Los Cabos. So, feel free to travel throughout the world…at your own risk.

It’s good to be aware of the dangers. It’s a good thing to know that if you go to Cancun, there could possibly be gang-related activity and there is a chance you could be a casualty. The U.S. has warned you and there are plenty of places throughout the world to vacation.

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