In 2012, Italian brothers, Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, seized a golden opportunity to name their company “Steve Jobs” when they realized Apple never got around to trademarking his name. The pair had spent years designing products for other companies, so when it came time to start their own, they knew the name would be perfect for their brand.

As could be expected, Apple immediately sought legal action against them. They filed a motion with the European Union Intellectual Property Office against the brothers, but now it seems the tech empire has lost to them.

Apple’s downfall came in choosing to specifically go after the small company’s logo of a letter “J” with something resembling a bite taken out of it and a leaf adorning the top of it rather than its name. While the logo does closely resemble that of Apple’s, the court finally ruled that the brothers’ trademark is legitimate as the letter “J” is not edible and therefore the logo is unique unto itself.

With this now behind them, the brothers are looking forward to the future of their company and expanding Steve Jobs past the fashion industry. In an interview with Business Insider Italia, they shared the possibility of soon offering electronics as part of their brand.

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