When guests check into the Park Hyatt Melbourne, they are now greeted by the sweetest of pups. Mr. Walker is an 18-month-old former guide dog for Guide Dogs Victoria. The Park Hyatt Melbourne was made his new home back in July and guests couldn’t be happier about it.

While we’re pretty sure he’s not that good at answering phones or scheduling clients, he has taken on a few responsibilities around the place. When needed, Mr. Walker greets guests on arrival, attends client meetings, and walks guests around the grounds, but only by request.

But just because Mr. Walker has to work a lot, doesn’t mean he can’t kick back, relax, and enjoy some yoga by the pool.

Before Mr. Walker, though, there was Parker the Pug over at the Park Hyatt Chicago. Parker has similar responsibilities to Mr. Walker, but still takes time out of his busy day to welcome any new furry friends.

Here’s hoping they add more canine concierge members to some new Park Hyatt locations soon.

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