With the United States being home to some incredible beaches (think Florida and Hawaii) it can be easy to forget that not every beach is pristinely perfect. Check out the top five beaches below that you will want to skip on your next family vacation.

Manhattan Beach, New York

When has New York ever been known for their beaches? This Yelp reviewer did not hold back when describing the condition of the beach saying, “Trashy beach, meaning lots of trash on the beach — broken glass, plastic bags, chicken bones and wrappers of all sorts — and it makes its way into the water, everyone! Do you want to swim in trash? Some people don’t mind, but I do.”

Take our advice and stick to the city if you’re planning a trip in the future. Catch a show on Broadway, enjoy a stroll around Central Park, or hit up 5th Avenue for some shopping, but stay far away from Manhattan Beach.

Avalon Beach, California

Taking a trip to the other coast? The Los Angeles Times’ report of Avalon beach is less than ideal. “For most of the last decade, Avalon Harbor Beach has ranked among the most polluted in the state, tainted with human sewage that puts swimmers at risk,” they said. They went on to add that it’s “one of the 10 most chronically polluted beaches in the nation for failing state health tests as much as 73% of the time.”

Hobie Beach, Florida

So maybe Florida beaches aren’t all perfect. One reviewer said, “There was a minimum of one piece of trash for every square foot we walked.” Others said, “Absolutely some of the worst people you will meet in Miami are at this beach.”

In addition to the disappointing reviews, this beach also allows dogs, so you’ll be sure to come across some rather unpleasant items left behind by a canine friend or two.

Carson Beach, Massachusetts

Absolutely no one has a nice word to say about this beach. One reviewer said it’s “the worst beach I have ever been to. It’s a nasty sandbox next to some murky water.” Another person made their feelings quite clear when they said, “This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a beach.”

Bastendorff Beach, Oregon

Well someone isn’t doing their job well…People did not hold back in their reviews of this beach saying, “This place was FILTHY! Rusty nails, broken glass, beer cans, bottle caps, cardboard carriers for 6-packs of beer, the remains of fireworks, baby binkies, condom wrappers, and cigarette butts everywhere.”

The lesson learned here is that if you’re planning a beachside retreat, make sure you fully research the beach you’ll be visiting so you’re not met with an unfortunate surprise.

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