If you have ever dreamed of waterfront living, the billionaires in Dubai will enhance your dreams with gorgeous views of the Persian Gulf right from your home.

These beautiful abodes are literally on the water!

Dubai even boasts a “The Heart Of Europe” portion of their famed “World” community – a man-made island chain meant to imitate Europe which lies a little over two miles from shore.

If you don’t have the hefty $3 million asking price to purchase one of these houses, you can always rent one for $6806.15 per night. Still sounds a bit pricey? Well, would having Virgin founder Richard Branson as a neighbor sweeten the deal?

Check these amazing and innovative floating houses:

The Pricetag? $2.8 Million

According to TechInsider, “The underwater portion, composed of a master bedroom and bathroom, will make up approximately 270 square feet on the interior. Just outside the walls is a 500-square-foot coral garden.”

“The Heart Of Europe”

The Floating Seahorse is part of “The Heart Of Europe” portion of the “World” community in Dubai.

You Can Live Amongst A Knight

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is reported to be one of the billionaires who have already purchased one of these homes.

These Homes Are Market Fresh

These one-of-a-kind homes were already sold back in 2015 and the first roll out was just underway. There’s more to come in October.

Bathe With The Fish

So far, 60 units have been purchased. For $2.8 million, would you take a bath under the sea?

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