Picture this: you and your significant other have saved up for a year in order to take your family to the Australian Outback for a warm and sunny break during the cold winter months in the U.S.

Before you even arrive Down Under, you’ve booked your adventure tour and can’t wait to see all of the exotic animals you’ve only read about or seen on TV.

As your guide drives through the hot, arid plains you finally spot a mother kangaroo and her joey and you insist the guide stops the vehicle. Everyone gets out and has their phones ready to post the moment on Facebook when all of a sudden, you’re greeting with:

“Is That The Newest iPhone?”


It happens, because animals are wild creatures no matter how cute and cuddly you think they are.

Here are some more people who were apparently unaware of that fact:

Raccoons Are Brave…And Hungry

Through no fault of her own, aside from having a snack packed away on her kayak, this poor girl got the shock of her life. She definitely didn’t antagonize it, the raccoon was just being…you know…a raccoon.

The “Who’s The Burger Now?” Meme

As ironic as the viral photo got, did anyone ever wonder why her hand was that close to a cow’s mouth to begin with?

He’s Frozen In Fear

He’s either in fear, completely shocked, or a combination of both. His expression speaks for all of us if we were in that exact situation.

Why Did The Elephant Cross The Road?


To charge at tourists, of course.

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