Most brides are disappointed that they only get their wedding dress once, and most photographers dream of being able to travel the world, utilizing their skills to capture amazing photos in other countries.

Well, this couple got to live out the dream when they spent three months traveling and documenting their wedding photos in multiple countries across Asia and Europe.

The photos were taken by the groom and photographer, Keow Wee Loong, and feature himself and his wife, Marta. All of the locations were chosen specifically as places the couple has been to together which took them to countries like Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy and London.

The couple started in Asia and then flew to the U.K. where they took a flight to Poland. After they arrived, they rented a car for 17 days and drove around Europe taking the remaining photos.

Keow shared that, “It was special because I was doing it with someone I love. Working out the route together, getting lost, sleeping in the car together and taking a shower in the petrol stations in Europe.”

The photoshoot featured Keow and Marta kissing in front of some famous locations across multiple countries including Mount Fuji in Japan, Big Ben in London, and the Kjeragbolten in Norway.

Keow definitely knows how to make a grand gesture. He proposed to Marta by scaling the world’s tallest bridge near Liupanshui in China. The Beipanjiang Bridge Duge is located on top of a mountain range and stands a whopping 564 meters tall. Hopefully we get to see more of their adventures together in the future.

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