In an attempt to bring more attention to the National Park Foundation, EVOLVE partnered with Instagram travel bloggers, Renee and Matthew Hahnel. With over 500,000 followers between their two accounts, this husband and wife team specializes in traveling all over the world and documenting their experiences through exquisite photographs.

When EVOLVE contacted them about this unique partnership, they knew immediately that it was something they wanted to be a part of. “As huge lovers of the National Parks system, we have always wanted to experience all 59 of these beautiful natural wonders for ourselves,” they shared. “The mission was simple. Connect as many people as possible to the parks and inspire the next generation of park stewards.”

The Hahnels made their journey in a vintage red ’88 Westfalia van which was appropriately dubbed “Ruby.” The upside to traveling around in the tiny vehicle was, “getting to spend a lot of quality time together.”

As could be expected, there was a downside to the experience and some luxuries had to be put on hold in order to complete their journey. The couple shared that, “There’s those times when we both haven’t showered for almost a week.”

While the Hahnels enjoy every moment of their travels, their ultimate goal is to encourage their followers to love and respect nature as much as they do.

“We hope to inspire our followers to show a similar love to our wilderness by visiting and responsibly enjoying these incredible places,” they said. “Unfortunately, there will always be a threat to our parks from large corporations fueled by nothing but greed, and we need more everyday people and companies to be there to support and protect our parks from these threats.”

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